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Window Films

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes

New Tech Inc. is the official distributor and installer of 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes. Available in many textures, these films can be applied to add an elegant element of privacy, define spaces or serve as an innovative expression of your brand at much less than the cost of etched glass. These durable finishes can be applied as permanent aesthetic solution or reapportioned to meet changing style needs; they are also easy to remove. Their ability to significantly reduce harmful UV rays makes these finishes perfect for commercial or residential applications, as they can pay for themselves over time with reduce utility costs.

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Aura

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Essen

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Kanon

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Linen

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Luna 6

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Luna 9

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Robe

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Seattle Fine

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Seattle

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Illumina Silver

FASARA™ Glass Finish - Vega

FASARA™ Glass Finish -


Reduce your cooling costs with out UV glass tint films. The material reduces solar and radient heat, while allowing the passage of visible light. An added benefit is that our glass tinting offers added p[rivacy to your space at a fraction of the cost of stained glass or replacing the existing glass.

Shatter Resistant

Take your home or office security to another level at a fraction of the cost with out shatter resistant glass films. Excellent for its impact resistence up to 125mph, these films can protect against intrusion or debris in adverse weather conditions. Combine this product with our UV glass tinting for added security and privacy.


Create an impactful brand image with view-through glass films. Easy to install and maintain, these treatments allow the passage of light, with the added privacy benefits of one-way viewing. The film also can enhance security as it improves the impact resistance of the glass when installed.