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Vehicle Signs & Wraps

Magnetic Signs

Turn your vehicle into a cost-effective rolling advertising platform for your company and its services. These magnetic signs can make a great impression on potential customers and are easy to reposition, remove, reapply, and keep clean. They will not damage your vehicle's paint and you can even design different marketing messages for individual vehicles in your fleet or several different signs for the same vehicle that can be rotated on a regular basis. This item is perfect for companies of all sizes.

Vehicle Wraps

Catch the eyes of hundreds of potential customers daily with an attractive vehicle wrap. Give your vehicle the appearance of a custom paint job at a fraction of the price, while protecting the underlying paint. Perfect for leased vehicles as the vinyl can be removed, revealing the paint in the same conditions when it was first applied. Can be used on cars, trucks, buses, and even marine craft.

View Through Graphics

Utilize the clear window space as an advertising space with our vehicular view-through material. The product offers an unobstructed view from the inside out and is in keeping with road safety regulations. The print also offers a layer of privacy for the occupants of the vehicle. The view-through material will not harm glass tints and with proper use and maintenance, can last for several years.

Name and Registration Signs

Ensure that your craft is easily identifiable in the air or on the open seas and dockside with our digitally printed name decals. Incorporate your name into an overall wrap or use a stand alone graphic. Customizable in size, these decals are perfect for marketing your vessel's name or help with search and rescue in times of distress.