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3D Signs and Letters

Cut Metal Letters


Convey an image of prestige for your business' brand at the entrance to your office with our handcrafted solid metal finishes. They project a sense of permanence, success, and integrity to support your company's marketing. Perfect for lobbies and reception areas.


Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, these affordable signs come in a variety of finishes including brushed, mirrored, and painted among others. These signs are often used in the medical, financial, and technology industries.

Stainless Steel

The contemporary appearance of a stainless steel finish gives your signage a modern look. These durable signs are suitable for interior and exterior use and come in brushed or polished finishes.


For a more traditional look to your business' brand signage bronze letters are the choice material.


This material is highly resistant to corrosion and evokes purity of design as these are of the highest quality material.

Channel Letters

Frontlit Aluminium

Our front lit aluminum channel signs are one the most common channel letter types. These signs emit illumination only from the front (or face) of the letters. They are most often used in retail spaces, with both indoor and outdoor applications. Front lit channel letters can be either flush mounted or raised. Our signs are equiped with waterproof LED inside, and we offer an accompanying waterproof power supply.

Backlit Aluminium

Create a subtle or dramatic halo effect that is eye-catching with a back lit aluminum channel sign. The look of our fabricated precision aluminum letters matches perfectly most interior and exterior decors. This product provides outstanding light consistency and brightness, through the use of high quality interior design and components. Servicing of the LEDs is easy as there are removable parts. Optional detachable studs can create a stand-off effect, and allow easy removal of letters from the wall.

Front & Backlit Aluminium

Front & Back Illuminated Channel Letters are constructed to provide not only a front illuminated channel letter, but also a reverse "halo" effect from the back. These signs can be assembled using multiple colours on the front and the back, making the design a combination of modern and contemporary styles.

Acrylic Channels

This material is highly resistant to corrosion and evokes purity of design as these are of the highest quality material.

Acrylic and Plastic Letters

Acrylic Letters

The versatility for this signage lends to a variety of design options. The signs are laser cut to precision, while offering comparable affordability over metal materials.

Metal Laminate Letters

Get a clean high-quality look with our solid, laser-cut acrylic letters that are finished with a thin metal laminate. These lightweight and durable signage solutions are available in standard and custom fonts. We recommend these for interior treatments only.

Foam Letters

Our foam letters offer a light weight option in a variety of colours, to your signage needs. This cost-friendly material can be used internally and externally, and can be laminated with coloured acrylic or metal finishes to add prestige and increase durability.

PVC Letters

Our PVC letters are a highly customizable medium for a variety of signage needs. An array of colours, shapes, and sizes are available in this cost friendly material. It works well for internal and external applications, and its versatility allows it to blend well with matte or metalic paint finishes to add prestige and increase durability.

Etched and Routed Metal Plaques

Stainless Steel

Complete with precise etching to accommodate small text and half-tone photographs. These durable stainless steel signs are perfect for project and building dedications, museum or donor recognition,  and exterior logo signs.


Commonly used for building identification, bench plaques, as well as one-of-a-kind park and dedication settings, our copper plaques are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor use we coat the signs with an extremely durable, oven-baked clear polyurethane.

Etched Bronze & Brass

Able to accommodate even the finest details and smallest text with precision, our interior and exterior etched bronze and brass plaques are excellent for museum exhibits or a corporate identity signage option for the front of your building.

Specialty Plaques

Granite & Marble Plaques

Immortalize cherished loved ones or special persons who your wish to commemorate. Granite and Marble plaques give that extra element of class and permanence. These signs make beautiful dedications in a garden, on benches, or a wall. There are many mounting options. Your plaque can even be personalize with text in various fonts.

Decoran Plaques

Durable and easy to maintain, our selection of Decoran signs is a cost-effective alternative to granite or marble. We can customize with various found and designs to suit the message that your are aiming to communicate.

Specialty Plaques

These custom plaques are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Shapes and sizes can be tailored to your design of your building, so that the signs stand out for easy identification. A variety of fonts can be used for added legibility.